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The amusements pictured at this web site are not for sale.

However, if you would like something similar to an item shown at this site - maybe a tribute to your pet a la Bubba Bubble Box or Espiritus Protectora de Pogocito el Pobre Gatito - please use the Contact page to let me know. We can discuss how we might be able to make something work.

Better yet, if you have an idea for something completely different from items shown at this site, by all means use the Contact page to let me know. I’d love to discuss how I might help realize your new idea!

The process will go something like this:

  • You communicate what you want

  • We agree on specifications – subject, color, size, materials, etc.

  • I get you an estimate of time charges, cost of materials and shipping, timing of pictures updating you on my progress, and timing of payments

  • If you accept my proposal, then you pay for materials (PayPal, Venmo or check)

  • I buy materials and begin work, sending you pictures and invoices at agreed on progress intervals. For example, on a small project we might agree that I send a picture and request payment of half my time charge halfway through the project. On a large project there may be multiple progress update/billing intervals

  • If you’re happy with progress at any point, you pay for the time I put in so far and I continue working

  • If you are not happy with progress at any point, we either work out agreeable changes or you simply say no thanks and I stop work

  • When I finish, you pay the last installment plus shipping and I send you your amusement!


The goal of this “pay along the way” approach is to ensure you’re out the least amount of money if for some reason you don’t like how thigs are turning out.

Cost can range greatly depending on materials used and how many hours the project takes. I charge $25 an hour. Examples:

  • A small, quick project might be as few as 4 to 6 hours and $75 to $100 in materials and shipping; project total would range from $175 to $250. FYI shipping a 10” x 10” x 3” cross-country just cost $50, excluding insurance.

  • A large, complex project with difficult-to-source materials that is costly to ensure while shipping could be as many as 60 hours and $750 in materials and shipping; project total would be $2,225.

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